Ammonia Gas Detectors have audible and visual alarms.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to measure ammonia gas on continuous monitoring basis, multipurpose detectors employ explosion-proof sensor elements rated for Class I Division I, Group A-B-C-D hazardous atmospheres. Wall-mount Model 51A26 has 0-1,000 ppm range; wall-mount Model 51A40 comes with remote probe that is reliable up to 1,000 ft from controller; and portable Model 51A45 has 0-1,000 ppm range. All units feature adjustable set points, meter read-out, and alarm set check button.

Original Press Release:

Wall Mounted Multipurpose Ammonia Gas Detectors with Alarms and Other Controls

Kernco Instruments Co., Inc. Is pleased to introduce its line of ammonia gas detectors with adjustable set points and alarm features designed to measure on a continuous monitoring basis ammonia gas. The sensor elements are explosion proof and are rated for Class I Division I, Group A-B-C-D hazardous atmospheres.

Three (3) models are available, Model 51A26 is a wall mounted stand alone ammonia gas detector with a range of 0-1000 ppm, Model 51A40 is a wall mounted unit that comes with a remote probe that comes with explosion proof housing that is reliable up to 1000 feet from controller. The third Model 51A45 is a portable model with same range of 0-1000 ppm.

Units feature an audible and visual alarm, meter read-out, failure and pilot signals, circuit test button and alarm set check button. Models are available for 115VAC operation, battery operation with a 3.6V NiCad rechargeable battery, and for remote 115VAC operations. Models measuring LP/gasoline vapor and combustible gas will measure PPM in a range of 0-1000 PPM. A 4-20mA or 0-1 VDC output option is available; a relay control option is also available.


Controller Module

Readout Range: 0-1000 ppm ammonia gas
Alarms: Alarm light (red), fail light (yellow), audio sound alarm (steady tone)
Alarm Point: Variable setting
Panel Controls: Zero, span, alarm setting, circuit test and alarm check
Operating Temp: 5° to 140°F
Relay Contact: SPDT 1 Amp @ 115 VAC
Optional Recorder Outputs: 4-20 mA or 0-1 VDC signal
Power: 115 VAC ± 10 VAC or 220 VAC 50-60 Hz
Size: 6"H x 4"W x 2"D
Weight: 1.5 lbs (Standard Series; sensor on controller); 12 lbs (Remote Series; controller with remote sensor and 50 ft cable)


Type: Solid-state, Diffusion type
Operating Temp: 5° to 140°F
Sensor Life: Up to 3 years, normal operation
Response Time: <15 seconds to 80 to 90% FS
Recovery Time: <30 seconds for return to 80% FS
Accuracy: ±5% of measured value
Cable Length: On-site or up to 1000 ft (#20 AWG wire)
Electrical Classification (at hazardous atmosphere area): Class 1, Div. 1, Group B,C,D

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Phone: 915-852-3375
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