Ametek Introduces the Ortec® Detective-EX-100 - Latest Advancement in Hand-Held Radiation Identifiers

OAK RIDGE, TN-The ORTEC® business unit of AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology has introduced the latest addition to the ORTEC Detective family of hand-held nuclide identifiers-the Detective-EX-100. This latest addition offers a significant improvement in sensitivity over the entire energy range used in nuclear material interdiction.

The Detective-EX-100 incorporates a substantially larger high-purity Germanium crystal detector than earlier versions, providing the Detective-EX-100 with increased sensitivity and improved low-energy efficiency. The result is faster identification of suspicious materials without any loss in accuracy.

The Detective-EX-100 is about two times faster than the Detective-EX in identifying low-energy radiation emitters (including highly enriched Uranium) and about three times faster in identifying medium- to high-energy emitters, such as Plutonium or naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORMs), such as porcelain fixtures, kitty litter and ceramic tile.

The Detective family of nuclide identifiers represents a breakthrough in radiation detector technology by reducing existing bulky equipment into a lightweight, battery-powered device that can be either permanently mounted or fully portable. They employ a unique class of gamma-ray detectors based upon High-purity Germanium (HPGe).

HPGe gamma-ray detectors allow the Detective to positively identify nuclear materials without expert intervention. HPGe crystals detect minute amounts of neutrons and gamma rays emitted by radioactive materials, even if heavy metal shielding has been placed around the source. Additionally, by including a moderated neutron detector, the Detective-EX and Detective-EX-100 are able to confirm when "fissile" nuclear materials (uranium or plutonium) are present.

These high-performance, high-resolution systems were designed for use at border crossings, cargo ship docks, and transportation terminals to detect and differentiate between potentially dangerous radioactive materials and otherwise harmless radiation sources. They feature a miniaturized refrigeration system that eliminates the need to carry liquid nitrogen to cool the device's HPGe crystals.

Each version of the Detective has a large, easy-to-read LCD display. Additional features include an internal computer with a full-function touch screen that allows for remote data transmission, real-time search and isotope identification, memory-stick storage and on-board filed analysis capability.

The Detective is able to go straight from its docking station. It draws power from a variety of sources and, once cooled to operating temperatures, requires little power to sustain it. Its internal batteries have an operation life of more than three hours. An optional battery belt can be used to extend that operating life without limit. An automobile adaptor is supplied to provide charging while in transit.

Each hand-held Detective is supplied pre-calibrated from the factory. Its advanced electronics and detector are extremely stable, giving a constant peak position. A simple procedure is used to verify and update the factory calibration. When on its docking station, it can be set to continually recalibrate.

ORTEC has more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of highly sensitive radiation detectors that are used by government and industrial laboratories, nuclear facilities and medical research and in nuclear safeguards. It is one of only two manufacturers worldwide with the ability to produce both high-purity germanium and high-resolution radiation detectors from it.

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