Ametek Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers Stand up to Demanding Processes of McGean Specialty Chemicals

CLEVELAND, OH - For more than 20 years, McGean Specialty Chemicals has relied on shell and tube heat exchangers from AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products to cool critical batch chemical processes. McGean, a global leader in niche specialty chemicals, is for known for its proprietary manufacturing capabilities and the diverse range of specialty chemicals it produces.

"McGean specializes in small- to medium-volume specialty chemicals that are made in batches using proprietary formulas and processes, many of which are unique to us. Our specialties include in-house custom processes, a rapid response to our customers' specialty chemical needs, and our ability to work with our customers to optimize their proprietary processes," remarks Mark Merrell, Facility Manager for McGean.

"Our processes are demanding, and we run them hard, averaging more than 2,000 batches annually. Over the years, we have come to rely on the performance of AMETEK fluoropolymer heat exchangers and the service we receive from their local representative, Process Dynamics, Inc., for our heating and cooling requirements."

"We typically handle a wide range of materials and chemistries, including acids, bases, organic and inorganic chemicals that are highly corrosive and require special handling," comments Bryan Shaffer, Production Manager for McGean. "Currently, we have AMETEK heat exchangers installed on seven individual glass-lined reactors that operate nearly continuously."

"Our processes are so demanding in fact that we use corrosion-resistant Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride piping systems to connect our reactors to the AMETEK heat exchangers. Operating temperatures can reach 300oF for extended periods of time. Along with the high temperatures, the heat exchangers are exposed to highly corrosive vapors. Despite the wide range of chemicals and chemistries we employ and the demands of our processes, reliability has been excellent as we only have had to replace the original AMETEK heat exchanger that was installed in 1991."

"The most common problem we encounter is plugging of the heat exchanger tubes with products and condensation of chemicals that we solve by flushing with solvent or low-pressure steam. The AMETEK heat exchangers have demonstrated the ability to handle this treatment repeatedly," states Mr. Shaffer.

Heat exchangers are traditionally constructed of various metals and are just as traditionally challenged by corrosion. In highly corrosive environments, users often depend on heat exchangers made from expensive specialty alloys or high-end metals, such as titanium, tantalum, Hastalloy® steel, and /or zirconium to resist fouling and scaling.

AMETEK shell and tube heat exchangers utilize highly engineered fluoropolymer resins and field-proven technical experience. Fluoropolymer's non-stick properties and chemical inertness help resist fouling, corrosion and scale buildup, while AMETEK's proprietary "Q" additive imparts additional durability and thermal efficiency.

AMETEK heat exchangers have been used in chemical process applications for more than 50 years. During that time, they have proven to offer an excellent combination of low cost and high performance. They are more durable and less brittle than glass and graphite and are more corrosion resistant than most metals.

A key advantage of the AMETEK units is that every component is made from the same fluoropolymer. This is significant because use of dissimilar materials can make parts of the unit cycle from hot to cold at different rates, jeopardizing unit integrity. AMETEK heat exchangers are entirely cohesive and firmly bonded to ensure efficiency and long life.

Located in Cleveland, OH, McGean is a global leader in custom specialty chemical manufacture. In addition to its own line of niche specialty chemicals, McGean provides custom manufacturing services for a wide range of specialty chemical products used in applications for many markets, including water treatment, paper coatings, personal care and electroplating.

McGean adheres to comprehensive environmental, health, safety and sustainability programs and is ISO 9001 and ChemStewards certified. For more information, contact McGean Specialty Chemicals, 2910 Harvard Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44105. Tel: 216-441-4900. Fax: 216-441-1377. Website:

AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products is a unit of AMETEK, Inc. a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than $3.0 billion. For additional information, contact AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products, 455 Corporate Blvd., Newark, DE 19702 USA. Phone: 302-456-4471 or 302-456-4431. Fax: 302-456-4444. Web site:


455 Corporate Blvd., Newark, DE 19702 USA


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