Americon Makes LCD Video Wall Technology Simple to Buy and Easy to Operate

Camarillo, CA – Americon has released its new line of Visionmaster LCD video wall systems. LCD video wall systems are what everyone is buying for their control rooms and operations centers because they are simple to install, maintain and attractively priced. The audiovisual systems integration business used to be mired in cumbersome electronics that seemingly did the job, but cost a bundle to buy, integrate, install and service. And then after all of that effort and expense, many of these display systems ended up as "eye candy" to impress visitors. These large screen displays looked great at the time, but the operators didn't have much use for them because they didn’t help them do their jobs better.

Today things have changed with the introduction of the Americon LCD video wall system. This type of LCD video wall benefits both the users and companies that provide them. Now integrators don’t have to deal with large projectors, switches and the miles of cabling needed to make everything work as expected. That means less complexity and less time required to design and install. For this reason alone, owners are getting a bigger bang for the buck than ever before.

The real benefits from advances in control room video wall technology is the simplicity of Americon LCD video wall systems design, operation and the ability of the operators to see and manage more information at the same time than ever before. This means the technology is serving the user and allowing Americon to package and price LCD video wall systems accurately and quickly. The Visionmaster LCD video wall systems are designed in a modular fashion so that they are freestanding with all components contained within a customized cabinet. The value is evident with its low cost of ownership and improved operational capabilities. Otherwise, you get your money's worth with Americon Visionmaster LCD video wall systems.

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