American Fibertek's V'nes Network Solution Expands Company Focus to 'Open Path' Transmission Systems

o Innovative V'nes System Delivers Unique Security Centric Networking Solution.
o New Fiber Products Reaffirm Continued Support To Prevalent Legacy Systems.

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) - American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI), the security industry's leading independent supplier of fiber optic transmission systems for security applications, is showcasing its innovative network transmission system called V'nes (Video Network Enterprise Solution) here at ASIS 2006. V'nes - the first and only integrated and standardized network transmission solution designed specifically for the security marketplace - joins AFI's core line of point-to-point fiber optics solutions to provide systems designers a seamless "open path" to truly integrate IP and analog systems operation. Reaffirming its leadership role in point-to-point fiber solutions, American Fibertek also introduced several new fiber products to its established line of point-to-point transmission solutions.

"As the professional security industry continues to integrate new technologies that further enhance the capabilities of physical security systems devices, the means of moving video, voice and data are also changing at an accelerated pace," said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of AFI. "The introduction of V'nes signals a significant evolution for American Fibertek and we think the industry as a whole. It is a transition to a more advanced and comprehensive transmission solution that integrates technologies previously relegated to parallel industries such as IT. As the security industry continues to evolve, it takes on more of the characteristics of IT networking, providing a common platform for hardware and software integration. This is the heart of V'nes."

In addition to expanding product direction to address emerging technologies and applications, American Fibertek is enhancing its corporate image with a new logo. "With the decision to put a new face on our product offerings, we decided it was also time to put a new face on the company itself - a more updated look and presence to better reflect our new direction," continued Mr. Fernandes.

"It is also important to note that the introduction of V'nes and all that surrounds it has not clouded our perception of who we are and where we came from. American Fibertek will continue to develop and expand our core point-to-point fiber optics products while we actively pursue innovative ways to enhance transmission technologies," said Mr. Fernandes.

In support of its new direction and steadfast commitment to legacy systems and existing customers, American Fibertek is introducing the following at ASIS 2006:

V'nes - the security industry's first and only true Video Network Enterprise Solution. V'nes delivers extensive networking features and functionality with an open path allowing integration of IP products from other manufacturers' products (servers, video devices, access control, software...) and with any combination of V'nes components, including:
o Commander Series Switchers to route video signals and data to network and broadband servers for monitoring, transmission and recording - a solution for both fiber and copper-based networks.
o Scout Series Environmental Monitoring Systems to provide unprecedented remote monitoring of environmental conditions with notification of impending failures - applicable to any and all IP based systems components.
o Maxi-View Series Video Streamers to provide high performance video streaming with programmable bandwidth to accommodate virtually any network bandwidth requirements. Single and multiple channel solutions available with optional audio and PTZ control.
o Pilot Series Management Software Systems to deliver video, data and voice across multiple network and wireless platforms with control of camera and recording functions, plus critical peer-to-peer communications.
o MC Series Media Converters to provide a cost-efficient means of integrating Ethernet and fiber based systems onto the same platform.
o Director Series Servers and Network Area Storage (NAS) to offer custom configured high performance storage solutions for applications that require an integrated total solution.

New point-to-point fiber product introductions include:
916 Series Single Fiber Bi-directional Receivers with 10-bit digital video and up the coax control for Panasonic, Pelco and Vicon devices, module or rack mount configurations and compatibility with AFI's Afinety remote monitoring system.

919 Series Single Fiber Bi-directional Transceivers with 10-bit digital video and two channels of bi-directional multi-protocol data plus two channels of bi-directional audio or contact closure; available in module or rack mount configurations. Also compatible with American Fibertek's Afinety remote digital fiber optic monitoring system that provides status on any AFI system and connected cameras, using a standard web browser.

941 (4 channel) and 981 (8 channel) Series Single Fiber Receivers with Sensornet Control for use with American Dynamic devices. Feature 10-bit digital video, single mode or multimode operation, module or rack mount configurations, and compatibility with AFI's Afinety remote monitoring system.

946 (4 channel) and 986 (8 channel) Series Single Fiber Bi-directional Receivers with multi-protocol data and contact closure, 10-bit digital video, single mode or multimode operation, module or rack mount configurations, and compatibility with AFI's Afinety remote monitoring system.

91600 Series Fiber Multi-Channel System provides 16 channel input and output of 10 bit digitized video over one multimode fiber at a very low installed cost. Offers completely transparent operation with any manufacturers' cameras and monitors and does not require any field adjustments at installation or thereafter. The units also feature diagnostic indicators to provide instant visual status indication, or interface with AFI's Afinety remote monitoring system.

94887SL Series Multi-Channel Transceivers feature 32 channels and transmit 10-bit digitized video with bi-directional Ethernet, multi-protocol data and bi-directional audio over a single mode optical fiber. The series offers completely transparent operation with any manufacturer's cameras and monitors and does not require any field adjustments. The 94887SL Series is also compatible with AFI's Afinety remote monitoring system.

81 Series Contact Closure Transmitter/Receiver with eight channels of contact closure (expandable to 16 channels on one fiber), module or rack mount configurations and compatibility with AFI's Afinety remote monitoring system.

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About American Fibertek, Inc.
American Fibertek, Inc. is a leading supplier of innovative fiber optic communication transmission solutions for video, data, audio, audio/video and cable system applications. With two decades of experience in the fiber optics industry, American Fibertek, Inc. has a renowned history of innovation that includes introduction of the industry's first rack card and card cage systems, the first mini modules for color transmission, the first fiber optic transceivers with AGC, and first to offer bi-directional fiber systems for advanced CCTV systems devices.

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