American Crane's Single Failure Proof Cranes

American Crane and Equipment's Single Failure Proof Cranes can be built in accordance with our 10CFR50 Appendix B Quality Assurance Program, consistent with the requirements of NUREG 0554, assuring a licensable design.

Features Include:
  • Triple Redundant Holding Brakes
  • Redundant Reeving System (Dual Load Path)
  • Redundant Hoisting Machinery
  • Two Blocking Protection
  • Load Hang Up Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Wire Rope Mis-Spooling Protection
  • Flux Vector Infinitely Variable Frequency Drives
  • NCR Accepted Single Failure Proof Design
  • Single Failure Proof Lifting System Compliant with NUREG 0554, NUREG 0612 and ASME NOG-1.
  • Site Specific Seismic Design

    Our Single Failure Proof Crane designs are suitable for new and existing facilities and can be built for any application.

    To learn more about our Single Failure Proof Cranes visit or call us at 1-877-877-6778 or email us at Visit our home page to view all our products and services.

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