American Crane and Equipment Corporation Manufacture Turbine Cranes: The Gentle Giants of Overhead Lifting Equipment

American Crane and Equipment Corporation recently engineered and manufactured turbine cranes for several generating stations. In the world of cranes, turbine cranes are some of the largest and most powerful overhead lifting machines made.

Douglassville, PA November 11, 2016 American Crane & Equipment Corporation, a manufacturer of overhead electric cranes and hoists, has recently completed the engineering and manufacturing of several turbine cranes. These gentle giants are specifically designed to lift one of the largest and most expensive pieces of equipment in a generating station. Since turbine cranes are confined to the turbine hall, these cranes are generally agnostic regarding the power plant’s source. One exception is nuclear power, which has its own requirements.

American Crane’s overhead equipment is used in a wide variety of industrial applications, however cranes designed to lift power turbines are definitely a special breed. Power turbines are both extremely heavy and highly balanced, leading to what may seem like conflicting requirements in large load lifting: high capacity and high positioning accuracy.

Back in September, American Crane and Equipment’s Turbine Cranes were featured in an article on The article included quotes from one of American Crane’s sales engineers’ explaining the custom features of these powerful machines, as well as how they are installed, operated and maintained.

American Crane & Equipment Corporation is a privately held U.S. company and a leader in overhead lifting equipment. For more than 45 years, the company has been manufacturing high quality specialty lifting equipment for unique applications.

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