Amdocs Collaborates with Cisco to Deliver Joint OSS Solution for Next Generation Services

NICE, France, May 22 // -- Amdocs (NYSE:DOX), the leading provider of customer experience systems, today announced a collaboration with Cisco(R) to deliver a jointly defined Operation Support System (OSS) -to-Network solution for enhanced service management for Next Generation Network (NGN) and Internet Protocol (IP) services. The joint offering will support integrated planning, service fulfillment and assurance processes and automatically link the OSS to the network to help enable faster rollouts of new NGN services. The announcement was made today at TeleManagement World Nice 2007.

When released later this year, the new offering will incorporate OSS products from Cramer, Amdocs OSS Division, and utilize Cisco's Active Network Abstraction (ANA) to provide a dynamic end-to-end model for the order through to the network, supporting the entire fulfillment process, from order-to- activation. The offering intends to support a wide range of technologies, vendors, and services, including both legacy and next-generation elements, and will support services such as Triple Play and Carrier Ethernet. This unique OSS-to-Network offering is designed to help enable service providers to lower project risks associated with new service introduction, reduce service activation fallout and improve the quality of network and service data. In addition, Amdocs is an early supporter of the collaboration between Cisco and Nokia Siemens Networks to deliver a next-generation platform for OSS applications. The results of that collaboration, also announced at TeleManagement World Nice 2007, will further broaden the scope of this jointly offered OSS-to-Network solution.

A Converged OSS Architecture from the OSS to the Network

Integrating a service provider's OSS with network elements continues to be costly and can result in delays in delivery of new services. Network equipment providers use a variety of information models and provide different capabilities, often using different versions of hardware and software. As a result, service providers need to ensure that there is tight integration between network devices and the OSS to deploy new services quickly and accurately. Cisco ANA provides a common device mediation capability that dramatically reduces the complexities of connecting the OSS to a multi-vendor and multi-technology network.

Amdocs Cramer OSS solutions provide support for the fulfillment processes, including order decomposition, design and assign, implementation management and activation. Amdocs OSS solutions then utilize this device mediation to transparently integrate with the network to automate service fulfillment and help enable improved service assurance. Additionally, the offering will provide improved data integrity management for network and service data by integrating and automating discovery and reconciliation. As a result, service providers can reduce fallout of activation processes and increase efficiency in additional planning, fulfillment and assurance processes.

"Traditionally, the OSS landscape is made up of hundreds and perhaps thousands of individual applications to support the introduction of new services. These OSS 'silos' generally support a single type of technology, vendor or service, and in many cases can't support diverse and complex services," said Guy Dubois, president of Cramer, Amdocs OSS Division. "Amdocs and Cisco are collaborating to provide a convergent OSS solution that delivers tight integration between business and service demands and the next generation network to ensure an intentional customer experience."

"As service providers deliver more diverse and complex services, achieving OSS-to-Network integration becomes increasingly important for the rapid delivery of new services," said Cliff Meltzer, senior vice president of Cisco's Network Management Technology Group. "Amdocs and Cisco are demonstrating how collaboration among major vendors can deliver OSS solutions that transform service creation and delivery, ultimately speeding the delivery of new services and driving down the total cost of ownership."

About Amdocs

Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience systems innovation, enabling world-leading service providers to deliver an integrated, innovative and intentional customer experience(TM) -- at every point of service. Amdocs provides solutions that deliver customer experience excellence, combining the software, service and expertise to help our customers execute their strategies and achieve service, operational & financial excellence. A global company with revenue of $2.48 billion in fiscal 2006, Amdocs has over 16,000 employees and serves customers in more than 50 countries around the world. For more information, visit Amdocs at

Cramer, Amdocs OSS Division, enables service providers to manage the transformation of their OSS and profit from the convergence of business support systems (BSS) and OSS systems. Service providers benefit from the automation of critical customer-centric processes -- such as fulfillment and assurance -- from the customer to the network, which allows them to accelerate revenues from new service offerings.

Source: Amdocs

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