Amcor ULTRA Pouches and Reels Newly Certified for Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization

Amcor’s ULTRA pouches can now cater to 100% of hospital sterilization centers’ need

Responding to growing interest from health professionals, Amcor’s ULTRA pouches are now certified for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization as well as steam sterilization at 134°C. The accreditation means that ULTRA pouches can provide a one-stop solution for the sterilization of all reusable medical devices.

Hospital sterilization centers predominantly rely on steam sterilization, reserving hydrogen peroxide sterilization for instruments that are particularly sensitive to high temperatures. Traditionally, different packaging is used, depending on the process and the nature of the instrument(s) being sterilized. This requires hospitals to hold a large variety of stock and additional staff time to support these exacting processes.

ULTRA pouches provide a simplified alternative as they can be used for both steam and hydrogen peroxide sterilization and are available in a range of sizes. Hospitals can therefore rely on one product for all their sterilization needs. ULTRA pouches also deliver a number of other benefits, including:

  • Puncture-resistant durability: ULTRA pouches are made of a tough porous web and a clear film that is better able to retain its integrity when stored and moved in the hospital environment. This toughness and durability ensure sterility at point of use - safeguarding patient safety as well as minimizing wastage
  • Speed of use: ULTRA pouches prove simpler and quicker to pack and process than traditional wrap systems, making them indispensable in busy sterilization settings where reliability is a must and every second counts
  • User-friendly design: each pouch features a window of resilient clear film, allowing users to visually confirm its contents without opening and compromising its sterility. The ULTRA’s peeling capabilities are ideal for use in operating theatre as they can be opened without any dispersal of micro particles

“Ensuring re-useable medical devices are properly cleaned, decontaminated and sterilized is technically demanding and with patient outcomes on the line, there’s no room for error,” comments Max Baruch, Hospital Sales Director, Amcor. “We’ve already had very positive feedback from customers, many of whom are benefitting from increased efficiencies thanks to ULTRA’s superior seal-strength and burst-resistant durability. Now, with this new accreditation we’re confident we are delivering the ultimate in convenience, backed by all the hallmarks of quality and reliability we’ve built our reputation on.”

The new accreditation provides the assurance that ULTRA pouches are compliant with the latest international and European EN 868 and ISO 11607 standards, including the Sterile Barrier System (SBS) requirement. This deems them suitable for use with all reusable surgical devices sterilized by either steam or hydrogen peroxide.

This latest development from Amcor allows for a simplified, faster and more effective packaging solution for reusable medical devices, delivering both increased confidence in sterility and a significant reduction in the volume and wastage of packaging materials - both key concerns of healthcare providers.

EMEA Contact:
Cassandra Biehler
Marketing Communications Director
Amcor Flexibles EMEA

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