Ambrell Offers Heating Solutions for Fastener Manufacturers

New high power systems and extensive application expertise have made Ambrell a leading choice among fastener manufacturers

Scottsville, NY - Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, has enjoyed a spike in business from fastener manufacturers. Companies looking to perform hot heading prior to forging, thread rolling, and thread patching are finding that induction heating from Ambrell can enhance their process and ultimately their end product.

One recent example is a fastener manufacturer came to Ambrell looking for steel rods between 0.75"/19mm and 3"/76mm to be preheated to 2100 ºF/1149 ºC within a cycle time of 25 seconds for forging or hot heading. Ambrell was able to meet this objective by delivering a 250kW EKOHEAT induction heating system with eight encapsulated multiple-turn helical coils. This innovative solution is just one of many unique systems Ambrell has designed for clients.

Ambrell has also designed solutions for curing the paint or power material used in thread patching, and pushing material into shape against a thread roll die which is known as thread rolling. Induction heating delivers fast, precise, non-contact heating that can increase production rates and improve part quality. Ambrell has also partnered with a builder of automation solutions, so automation can be delivered as part of a process if desired.

Clients, such as the aforementioned fastener manufacturer, leverage Ambrell's Applications Lab. The applications lab performs no-charge parts testing in the nearest laboratory to the client, which it can visit to observe the testing if desired. From that testing, Ambrell determines the optimal system for the client's application, accounting for the client's parts and required heating time.

"We've serviced numerous fastener manufacturers - with increasing frequency - in recent years," says Ambrell Director of Sales Tom Dickerson. "Our new, cutting-edge high power systems, innovative solutions, and outstanding service have been the main drivers behind this trend. We look forward to working with additional fastener manufacturers and helping enhance their operations."

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About Ambrell

Since 1986, Ambrell has been a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems. Products are CE certified and manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility to ensure the highest quality equipment. With a focus on superior heating solutions and service with a prompt response, prospective customers can leverage its Applications Lab to ensure systems are built to their heating requirements, and then rely on superior support throughout their relationship with Ambrell. Ambrell has installed over 10,000 systems in more than 50 countries.

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