Ambit Broadband Partner with Netwave to Deliver Channel Bonding Cable Modem to Enhance Hanaro's Triple Play Service

HSINCHU, Taiwan, April 24 --

With the world's fastest upstream/downstream surfing speed enabling IPTV, the Ambit/Netwave channel bonding modem is sure to impress the surfers and MSOs. This modem is available beginning today exclusively to subscribers of Hanaro.

"We chose Ambit/Netwave because its solution meets all of our needs of good design, stability, flexibility and comprehensive support," said Peter Park, Vice President of Hanaro. "The unique solution has allowed us to ensure our company motto 'Hanaro your lifetime communication partner', to remain true for many years to come."

The wide range of functionality and features of this modem include its capability to bond three downstream channels to enable a maximum 144Mbps downstream and up to 30Mbps upstream throughput. The modem also supports proprietary features such as Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0 interfaces, bonding channel recovery and QoS features enabling IPTV service. Also, the pre DOCSIS 3.0 modems support future interoperability with full DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS and cable modems when they become available.

The high speed channel bonding cable modem enable Hanaro to provide triple play service consisting of "high speed internet", "VoIP" and "unicasting/multicasting IPTV" services simultaneously. Hanaro has around 3.6million high speed Internet, 1.7million telephone and 300,000 IPTV subscribers.

Ambit/Netwave will deliver 150,000 channel bonding cable modems to Hanaro during the second quarter.

Features of Channel Bonding Cable Modem

o Most Slimmest and Most Compact Design in The Cable Modem Industry

o Support 144 Mbps Down Stream, 30 Mbps Up Stream Service

o Support IPv6, Pre-ready for DOCSIS 3.0

o Support Gigabit Ethernet Home Networking

o Support USB 2.0 as A Common Interface for Home Networking

About Ambit Broadband Corporation

Ambit is a world leading broadband equipment provider committed to designing and delivering the "should have" telecommunication products and "must have" net surfing experience. Additional information on Ambit is on .

About Netwave

Netwave is the leading CATV solutions provider in Korea with a wide scope of products ranging from modems to optical and RF transmission equipment.
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Hanaro is one of the leading high speed Internet, IPTV and telephone service operators in Korea. More information about Hanaro is available at .

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