Amacoil Offers Latest Uhing Rolling Ring Linear Drives with New Control Option that Permits Precise Location of End Stops

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Uhing Rolling Ring Model RG Linear Drives are available in axial thrusts ranging from 7 to 800 lb. Units feature a control knob that is mounted on end of each rod. The rotation of the knob enables the end stops to move in fine increments. Unit’s remote control knob allows the operator to position the end stops while the drive is in operation. Uhing drives are suitable for use in winding machines, metrology equipment, converting and packaging machinery.

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Mechanical Linear Drives Need no Electronic Controls -- Now Feature Option for Fine Adjustment of Travel Distance

Aston, PA, July 2018 -- Amacoil-Uhing rolling ring linear drives offer a mechanical alternative to electronically controlled linear motion systems in automated machinery. The drives convert the rotary motion input from a threadless shaft into linear output. A new option for fine adjustment of travel distance permits more precise location of the end stops to set reversal points thus making Uhing drives better suited for close tolerance applications.

In a standard Uhing linear drive assembly, the end stops determining stroke length, are situated on hex rods and are held in place with set screws. To set the stroke length, users loosen the set screws and slide the stops to the desired position. With the fine adjustment option the end stops are on threaded rods. The rods are extended through the pillow block end support and a control knob is mounted on the end of each rod. Turning the control knobs rotates the threaded rods causing the end stops to move in fine increments for improved precision in setting reversal points.

An additional benefit of using the remote control knobs to position the end stops is that the operator may adjust stroke length while the drive is in operation without placing hands near moving parts and risking injury. The control knobs are typically positioned on the end of the threaded rods opposite the drive end of the shaft to assure clearance for connecting the shaft to the drive source. The fine stroke adjustment option is available on new Uhing assemblies and, in some cases, may be retrofitted to existing Uhing drive set ups.

Uhing linear drives are used in a wide range of machinery including winding machines, metrology equipment, converting and packaging machinery and more. Travel speed and direction are mechanically controlled independent of the drive motor and shaft rotation direction. Electronic controls – clutches, cams, gears – are therefore unnecessary. There are nineteen different sizes of Uhing Model RG linear drives. Depending on the size, axial thrust ranges from 7 to 800 pounds. Amacoil representatives can help users select the correct size drive. Periodic light lubrication of the shaft is the only maintenance required.

Amacoil is the exclusive North American distributor and service/parts provider for Uhing linear drives and assemblies. For more information please contact Amacoil, Inc., 2100 Bridgewater Road, Aston, PA 19014. Tel: 610-485-8300. Fax: 610-485-2357. email: Web:

Press contact: Bob Eisele (phone: 610-485-8300)

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