Aluminum Organic Polymer Capacitors have low-profile design.

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Suited for use in consumer electronics, aluminum organic polymer capacitors (AO-CAPs) include 12.5 and 16 V offerings that can be integrated into 12 and 15 V power input rails. Products come in 2.0 mm high V-Case size, and their footprint allows for drop-in replacement of high-voltage, SMT tantalum capacitors. Offered as alternative to ceramic capacitors, AO-CAPs feature capacitance values from 6.8-22 µF and ESR values from 30-70 W.

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KEMET Expands Product Offerings with High-Voltage Aluminum Organic Polymer Capacitors

Advanced Technology Targets Consumer Electronics

GREENVILLE, S.C., Nov. 2 -- In its continuing pledge to deliver the latest technology and superior customer service, KEMET Corporation (NYSE:KEM) today announces new high-voltage aluminum organic polymer capacitors (AO-CAPs) to include 12.5 and 16-volt offerings.

KEMET already has a substantial portfolio of aluminum capacitors, and this innovative high-voltage line allows the company to provide more competitive, technologically-advanced products to customers globally. Designers can now use these AO-CAPs in power rails up to 16 volts.

The AO-CAP is an ideal alternative to high-capacitance ceramics and a step up from other styles of aluminum-organic capacitors. Its footprint allows for drop-in replacement of high-voltage, surface-mount tantalum capacitors and offers superior DC leakage performance over other polymer-type solutions. In addition, the low-profile design (2.0mm maximum height) is suitable for use in applications where space restrictions must be considered (i.e., portable electronics).

"This latest expansion of our aluminum organic product line demonstrates KEMET's continued commitment to meeting the needs of our customers with cutting-edge technology," says Susan Barkal, Director, Product Line Management, Tantalum, Polymer and Aluminum Capacitors.

AO-CAPs are commonly used for microprocessor decoupling and filtering in power management applications (hard drives, notebooks, flat panel displays and other power supply applications). These latest releases now extend the AO- CAP's range of capability by allowing for integration of these components into 12-volt and 15-volt power input rails. Plus, they're suitable for protected 14-volt automotive application circuits.

KEMET not only increased the voltage range of this series, it also maintained low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) values to allow for optimal performance in high frequency applications.

"The AO-CAP's outstanding performance at high-frequency helps reduce component counts and allows for a cost-effective solution that also saves board space," says Jayson Young, Product Line Manager, Tantalum, Organic Polymer, Aluminum.

These new AO-CAPs are available in the low-profile V-Case size with capacitance values from 6.8 to 22 microfarads and ESR values from 30 to 70 ohms.

KEMET has been manufacturing aluminum organic polymer capacitors since 2000.

KEMET Corporation provides industry-leading, high-performance capacitance solutions, including the world's most complete line of surface-mount capacitor technologies across tantalum, ceramic and solid aluminum dielectrics -- along with the world's best quality, delivery and service. KEMET's common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol KEM.

Contact: Dean W. Dimke
Director of Corporate and
Marketing Communication

Jayson Young
Product Line Manager,
Tantalum, Organic Polymer, Aluminum

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