Aluminum Heatsinks incorporate extra fins on rear.

Press Release Summary:

Measuring 38 mm tall x 35.2 mm wide, R Series Heatsinks utilize cam-clip, which eliminates need for screw hole. Since no screws are required for device mounting, additional fins can be added to rear side of heatsink for maximum total surface area and optimal thermal performance. Designed to attach TO-220 or TO-247 components, clip has self-aligning features and provides same amount of force after repeated use.

Original Press Release:

New Ohmite Heatsinks Designed for Higher Power Densities

Arlington Heights, IL - By adding a cam-clip and eliminating the need for a screw hole, the rear side of Ohmite's new R Series heatsink benefits from being fully populated with extra fins which provide a larger cooling surface area and a significant improvement in thermal performance while using less space.

Compared to a conventional heatsink, additional fins have been extruded by removing the necessity for a 12mm access channel to the screw hole. In doing this, Ohmite claims to have achieved better thermal performance for the 38mm tall R2 heatsink compared to a similar heatsink without the cam-clip, in a package width that requires less space - 35.2mm instead of 42mm.

The labor-saving attachment mechanism is capable of attaching either a TO-220 or a TO-247 component, provides the same amount of force after repeated use, and is offered in both degreased and black anodized finishes. Product details can be viewed at

Pricing for R2 heatsinks ranges from $1.84 to $1.90, depending on finish, in 1000 piece quantities.

In business since 1925, Ohmite Manufacturing is a global supplier of fixed and variable power resistors as well as heatsink solutions and electronic hardware. For more information on Ohmite products and local distributors go to

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