Aluminum Foil Discs with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Aluminum Foil Discs come in convenient pre-cut sizes (1/4", ½". ¾", 1", 2" 3") so you can easily cover small areas and holes during paint stripping and electroplating. Great as a moisture and dust barrier. Foil Discs make excellent Reflective Target for laser or optical beams. Easy to store, handle & apply. Very flexible and conformable. Discs are thermally conductive, heat and light reflective, flame resistant, outdoor weatherable and can help dampen vibration.

Discs are .003" thick aluminum foil with 0.0015" of acrylic adhesive. Temperature range is -30° to +325° F. Discs are sold per sheet or per roll with paper liner. Rolls are supplied on a cardboard spool with a 3" ID.

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