Aluminum Alloys Now Available For Us to Use

I wanted you to know that we are now able to obtain many new aluminum alloy raw material thicknesses in the coil form we need to manufacture Roll Formed Aluminum parts from that were not available previously. The incredible amount of Aluminum Alloys available will include Temper Hardness's from Full Hard to Dead Soft. Depending on the shape required we can manufacture Roll Formed Components from Full hard and Soft aluminum. Aluminum Channels, Aluminum Angles, Aluminum Rings, Aluminum Clamp Rings, and Aluminum Frames are both currently produced in soft and full hard aluminum tempers at Johnson Bros. Aluminum Shapes and other Aluminum Profiles require more caution before determining whether soft or hard aluminum can be used in our Roll Forming Operation.

Here are all the Aluminum Alloys that are now available for your components:

1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 1145, 1350, 2024, 3003, 3005, 3105, 3104, 5005,
5050, 5052, 5056, 5182, 5252, 5657, 6061, 7075, 9020.

Generally, the 1100-H14 and the 3003-H14 Aluminum Alloys are the easiest to get and thus are generally less expensive alloys to make your Roll Formed Parts out of. If you are determining what Aluminum Alloy to use in your parts, please call our salesmen to get more information on design features of different alloys. They will steer you to an Aluminum company's website that has all the design qualities needed for these alloys. This newsletter's main purpose is to tell you special alloys for special component design can now be manufactured through roll forming, using coil stock, and what Aluminum Alloys are the best buy.

Also for Roll Formed Stainless Steel Parts, please be advised that a T409 is the least expensive Stainless Alloy to use. There are many other Stainless Alloys available to use for your parts. The most commonly used alloys at Johnson Bros. in order of cost along with corrosion resistant strength are least to most: T409, T430, T200, T304, T316 and T321.

Please remember, Johnson Bros. uses Prefinished Aluminum and Stainless that costs less than Post Finishing, except on low quantity levels. Post finishing is available for those lower quantities as well.

Brad Johnson

Senior V.P., Gen. Mgr.

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