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Altor™ 205 Polyaspartic Ester is UV resistant.

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Jul 26, 2017 -

Altor™ 205 Polyaspartic Ester is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications such as concrete floors and primed steel surfaces. Unit comes with pot life of 60 minutes. Product offers 23-minutes hard dry time. Made from 25-minute and 420-minute gel time polyaspartic esters, Altor™ 205 is capable to cover more square footage in less time.

Cargill, Inc. - Minneapolis, MN

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Cargill Introduces Polyaspartic Ester that Uniquely Combines Quick Cure Time and Longer Pot Life

Press release date: Jul 25, 2017

Combination covers more square footage, reduces labor time for concrete and steel surfaces

Cargill has launched a breakthrough polyaspartic ester product, Altor™ 205, which will fulfill a longstanding industry need for a coating that delivers faster return to service (cure time) with significantly longer working time (pot life). By combining these benefits, Altor 205 allows users to cover more square footage in less time, which can reduce labor time and enable them to take on more jobs.

Altor 205 Polyaspartic Ester was formulated for use in coatings for indoor and outdoor applications, on concrete floors and primed steel surfaces. When cured with an aliphatic polyisocyanate, it creates a coating with a high gel time in addition to other performance benefits that exceed industry standards, including:

  • a longer pot life - 60 minutes, compared to the typical 25-30 minutes
  • improved hardness development - yielding faster return to service over industry blends, which are typically made up of both 25-minute and 420-minute gel time polyaspartic esters
  • significantly faster dry through time - 23-minutes hard dry time compared to the 12-hour standard

"Altor 205 Polyaspartic Ester demonstrates Cargill's commitment to developing innovative chemistries that meet and exceed the industry standard. You get the best of both worlds with quick dry time and more working time to get to your next job faster," said Eric Cepek, global product line manager for Cargill Industrial Specialties.

The introduction of Altor 205 expands Cargill's solvent-free, UV resistant, polyaspartic ester product offerings, which also includes Altor 200, 201 and 202.

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