Alternator provides power for stick welding.

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Power-Plus(R) Exciter(TM) TA-6/200-KBC provides 5.5 kVA of 115/230 Vac auxiliary power, 200 dc amps @ 60% duty-cycle welding output, and 12/24 V battery charger. Separate windings are used for welding and auxiliary power. Generator is powered by 15 hp, 1-cylinder, gas fueled, air-cooled engine. Alternator provides smooth weld output for STICK or scratch-start dc TIG welding applications. It fits in pickup truck or trailer.

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Power-Plus(R) Exciter(TM) TA-6/200-KBC Is Perfect for STICK Welding and Battery Charging

The Power-Plus(R) Exciter(TM) TA-6/200-KBC offers 5.5 kVA of 115/230 VAC auxiliary power, 200 DC Amps @ 60% duty cycle welding output and a 12/24 volt battery charger. It provides superior arc performance on STICK or Scratch Start DC TIG welding applications. The unique Power-Plus(R) patented alternator delivers a smooth weld output. Its brushless design increases efficiency - reducing maintenance and extending the life of the machine. Separate windings are used for welding and auxiliary power, offering the highest quality auxiliary power. The generator is powered by a rugged 15 HP, 1-cylinder, gas fueled, air-cooled Kohler engine and it is backed by Kohler's strong parts and service support. This heavy-duty unit, with a small footprint and manageable weight (286 lbs. / 130 kg), easily fits on the back of a pickup truck or trailer and is ideal for service truck operators, farmers and construction operations.

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