Altera Offers Complete USB 2.0 Device Controller Solution

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 31 -- Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR) today expanded its intellectual property (IP) portfolio with the introduction of a complete USB 2.0 Hi-/Full-Speed Device Controller solution from System Level Solutions (SLS). This new solution is comprised of a soft IP core, software and class drivers, and SLS's Snap-On PHY daughtercards. The daughtercards are designed for use exclusively with Altera® development kits.

Full- and Hi-Speed USB device controllers are rapidly replacing older RS232 ports in a wide variety of markets such as consumer, medical, industrial, storage and leading-edge applications such as automotive infotainment. The implementation of communication protocols in FPGAs is expanding as designers recognize the increased flexibility and upgrade possibilities offered by this platform. The partner USB 2.0 product is packaged to install as a component for the Altera SOPC Builder development tool. It features a core that is configurable for up to 16 endpoints with software and class drivers and hardware support for two PHY interfaces, including USB 2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface (UTMI) and UTMI+ Low Pin Interface (ULPI).

"Our long-time partnership with Altera enables our customers to consistently meet and exceed aggressive time-to-market goals at a reasonable price," said Paresh Patel, president and CEO of SLS Corporation. "Altera's portfolio of low-cost Cyclone® series devices, and the embedded ecosystem with Nios® II processors and SOPC Builder, taken in combination with the SLS USB 2.0 solution, allows us to provide a comprehensive solution to customers."

"System designers have a constant need for solutions that enable them to incorporate the latest technology into their products quickly and easily," said Steve Mensor, senior director, IP and technology product marketing at Altera. "With this in mind, we joined forces with SLS to provide a USB 2.0 solution that has everything a designer will need to integrate this technology; an IP core, software, documentation, boards and support."


In addition to the physical deliverables of this partner core, SLS has ensured that the USB 2.0 device controller is protocol compliant. By proactively achieving compliance and interoperability, SLS is delivering reduced risk to its licensees.

Easy to Implement

Multiple versions of the SLS USB 2.0 solution are available, allowing designers to rapidly add the protocol flavor demanded by their application. Designers adding USB 2.0 as an additional peripheral in their Nios II embedded processor-based design can select the Avalon® interface version of the core from within SOPC Builder. A FIFO interface version is also available. Regardless of which version is chosen, system architects can download and evaluate a small, three-endpoint reference design for immediate design, simulation and programming of the combined development kit and PHY daughtercard even before the core is licensed.

Pricing and Availability

The USB 2.0 solution is available immediately. Multiple licensing options are available starting with a project license for $5,000. The portfolio of Altera development kits can be ordered through the Altera online store at For additional USB 2.0 licensing options or to purchase the Snap-On PHY daughtercards, contact SLS via email at or via their website at

About SLS

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