Altech Presents AKIII Air Enclosure with an Exchangeable Filter Element

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The AKIII Air Enclosure is offered in single-door, double-door, triple-door, and four-door box configurations and accommodates 14, 28, 42, or 56 circuit breakers. The unit is equipped with patented ventilation system consisting of air ventilation element and drainage to remove moist air from internal surface of the enclosure. It comes with top/bottom open and interchangeable combination flange mount end walls, height-adjustable DIN rails and optimized hinged walls. The filter element inside the box can capture and retain airborne particles as small as 10 µm or larger.

Original Press Release:

New Altech ‘AKIII Air’ Enclosure with Patented Air Ventilation System Prevents Internal Condensation and Preserves High Protection Class IP65

The new “AKIII Air” enclosure from Altech Corp.® has been uniquely equipped with a patented air ventilation system to remove moist air from the internal surface of the enclosure before condensation can develop and potentially threaten enclosed equipment. The system’s air ventilation element further maintains an IP65 rating providing complete protection against contaminants, water, and any contact with internal components. An exchangeable filter element mounted inside the distribution box adds value by capturing and retaining airborne particles as small as 10 µm or larger.

The AKIII Air enclosure is UL-listed with a NEMA 3R rating and ideally suited both for outdoor and indoor applications (such as wiring and junction boxes) promoting protection against rain, sleet, snow, and external ice formation, as well as dripping water indoors. The enclosure’s durable polycarbonate material is maintenance free and, unlike steel boxes, resists corrosion and harmful mechanical and impact stresses.

The patented air ventilation system consists of an air ventilation element and drainage. In operation, two vents (one near the top of the enclosure and one near the bottom) create an air exchange allowing hot air building up inside to escape through the top. As the outside air temperature cools, the air enters through the other vent. This continuous and high air exchange allows the interior air to mix constantly with the environmental air enabling moisture to be transported outward before condensation formation.

AKIII Air enclosures are available in seven sizes to accommodate space requirements for internal components and with various options for component mounting. Configurations include single-door, double-door, triple-door, and four-door boxes for housing 14, 28, 42, or 56 circuit breakers, depending on model. Three “Plus” models in the series are designed with extra space in the top for mounting components that do not need to be visible, including all wiring or extra terminals where accessibility from enclosure doors is unnecessary.

All models feature top/bottom open and interchangeable combination flange mount end walls, multiple installation options, optimized hinged windows, pre-installed and height-adjustable DIN rails for component mounting, and a wide range of accessories, including partitions, mounting tab kits, and cable glands, among others. Custom enclosure solutions can be engineered to meet the most demanding application needs.

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Altech Corp. is a supplier and distributor of electronic and control components. Altech’s product line includes industrial enclosures, terminal blocks, fuses, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, inductive proximity sensors, DIN enclosures, interface modules, foot switches, liquid tight strain reliefs, safety relays, safety switches, European fuses, PIN & sleeve devices, power supplies, test & measurement, tower lights and wire ducts.

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