Alpha Enterprises Chooses NeoNova for Google Apps and Cloud Technology

NeoNova's cloud-based platform NovaSubscriber delivers superior services to AEL subscribers

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. and CARNEY, Mich.--NeoNova Network Services, an industry leader in managed broadband services, today announced that Alpha Enterprises Limited, Inc. (AEL), under the name, is now offering Internet customers Google Apps through NeoNova's cloud-based provisioning platform, NovaSubscriber.

The decision to add Google's premier suite of communication and collaboration tools through NeoNova benefits customers since the NovaSubscriber platform already integrates Postini and Google Apps. This strategic move provides a perfect transition for AEL customers who also will benefit from NeoNova's 24x7 customer support to AEL's subscriber base.

"By partnering with NeoNova, we offer our subscribers the most robust, quality email and messaging platform with top notch support," says David Thomas, President of AEL. "Had we not converted to NeoNova, we would have incurred additional investments to upgrade our email offering as well as investments in personnel in order to offer 24x7x365 support."

AEL is a subsidiary of Upper Peninsula Telephone Company, which is a division of the LICT Corporation, a holding company with 15 subsidiaries in telecommunications. Prior to AEL's conversion, NeoNova formed partnerships with three of these companies to help demonstrate how NovaSubscriber is changing the way companies do business.

"Companies have extraordinary challenges ahead as they weigh the need to invest in new hardware as well as in cloud-based solutions," says Ray Carey, CEO of NeoNova. "Together, NeoNova and Google allow for that decision to be economically savvy and pleasing to customers by providing superior services that can easily evolve as the technology grows and changes."

About Google Apps

Google Apps is a service using custom domain names with several Google products. It features multiple Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including: Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites. Companies have the ability to brand the Google Apps suite of communication and collaboration tools as their own, allowing for better brand recognition when expanding into new markets and thus driving new revenue.

About Alpha Enterprises Limited, Inc.

Alpha Enterprises Limited, Inc. (AEL) was incorporated on July 5, 1990 as a subsidiary of Upper Peninsula Telephone Company. AEL currently serves 2,518 broadband customers and 39 dial-up customers. The company offers service packages with speeds ranging from 256K download/96K upload to 1.0MB download/256K upload.

About NeoNova

NeoNova drives revenue growth and optimizes customer performance by delivering a wide array of subscriber, network management, and professional services leveraged by extensive industry experience and their powerful service delivery software platform. NeoNova's cloud-based, flexible, and modular provisioning platform enables a comprehensive suite of applications and value-added services that allow service providers to become a best in class ISP in less time with a greater ROI. Recently NeoNova entered into a strategic relationship with Google(TM) and is now an authorized reseller of the Google Apps(TM) suite of communication and collaboration tools. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Jane Foreman, NeoNova Network Services, +1-919-473-5025,

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