Alpha Coatings Solves Freezing Problem for RV Toilet Ball Seal

Fostoria, OH -- Alpha, a manufacturer and applicator of low-friction coatings for the automotive industry, was recently called by a customer with a tough problem.

The customer was molding a new EPDM rubber seal used to seal the flush ball of a toilet for Recreational Vehicles (to prevent water leaking past the ball). When the toilet is flushed, the ball is designed to rotate to empty the bowl. The problem: When the temperature dropped below freezing, the plastic ball froze to the EPDM seal, making the toilet inoperable.

Alpha's solution: its unique Resilon® 2020/D8808. When applied to the face of the seal, its inherently high release prevents any sticking, no matter how cold the temperature. The customer installed sample seals coated with Resilon, then kept the toilet assemblies at freezing temperatures for 6 months. Once every week the toilet flush balls were cycled to make sure they had not frozen to the seal. Not one froze. Other sample seals were subjected to chemical resistance tests since they will be subjected to various toilet bowl cleaning chemicals during the service life of the RVs. All seals passed with no problem.

There was one additional problem. Resilon had to be applied to the face of the seal that contacts the flush ball, but no coating or overspray could reach the mounting channel or the mounting characteristics would be compromised. Alpha's precision application capacities solved this problem. Alpha has already processed thousands of the seals exactly as the customer specified.

Resilon is a favorite among auto manufacturers for its ability to lower the coefficient of friction on any flexible substrate, reduce or prevent noise between mating parts, improve long-term appearance by enhancing resistance to weathering, add chemical resistance to rubber and plastic substrates, and provide freeze-release to doors and trunk lids so they do not stick in wintry conditions.

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