Allied Vision Demonstrates Technologies for Fast USB3 Vision Cameras

The leading camera manufacturer presents new USB3 Vision models and on its booth the importance of accessories to guarantee a reliable image transfer over long distances.

At VISION 2014, Allied Vision demonstrates its USB3 Vision expertise with new camera models and selected accessories.

Optimization throughout the chain

Allied Vision's USB3 Vision demo on its booth is not limited to a new camera model. Instead, it showcases the full scope of the company's expertise in USB3 Vision technology. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link", says Osman Antikoglu, Product Manager at Allied Vision. With USB3 Vision, the actual cable length that can be reached without jeopardizing data throughput is essential. "It is no secret that cable length is a major issue with USB 3.0. In order to maximize it, we consider the complete signal path from the image sensor down to the host computer. From your camera to your interface card via cables and hubs, you need to ensure that the whole chain of components actually delivers the data you need over the distance you need", explains Antikoglu.

Allied Vision shows a live test setup of a USB3 cable in combination with a Manta USB camera on its booth. "We offer selected accessories for all our cameras", says Antikoglu. "To us, that means more than just reselling lenses and cables. We have close co-operations with leading manufacturers, select industrial-grade components and actually test them to validate their performance".

New camera models with USB3 Vision

Allied Vision will introduce new camera models with USB3 Vision interface next year, starting with the Manta family. A comprehensive range of appropriate accessories will also be available to guarantee optimal performance in a machine vision environment.

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