Alliance Targets Emerging Markets with Enabling Technologies

CAMBRIDGE, Mass - THE VALUE ENGINEERING ALLIANCE announces a strategic alliance with the DTI-NanoTech division of DISCOVERY TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL (Sarasota, FL) to drive the development, implementation and acceptance of nanopositioning systems suitable for use in addressing laboratory, industrial automation and military/intelligence related applications in general and ones that require a combination of computer vision and ultra-precise motion control in particular.

The VEA/DTI alliance makes the enabling technologies harnessed by proven machine vision, nano-robotic and nanopositioning products available to individuals, research labs/institutes, system integrators and OEMs involved with advanced research or the development of next generation products in life sciences/drug discovery, medical device manufacturing, microelectronics manufacturing, lasers, photonics, fiber optics, nanotechnology, defense/security and similar markets.

Software products that support automatic identification, image enhancement, alignment/precision registration, pattern recognition, various forms of grayscale/color/texture analysis and inspection are just some of those in the VEA's arsenal with the potential to enhance the research, development and implementation efforts of emerging market pioneers accustomed to pushing the envelope and spearheading progress in their respective areas of endeavor.

State-of-the-art NTS NanoDirect series linear nanopositioners that provide unprecedented levels of resolution over long travel distances, the first of its kind RoboMate hybrid linear-angular device that enables a camera/probe/tool to be precisely positioned at infinitely variable angles with respect to a fixed point on a target sample, and piezoelectric rotary motor-based positioning systems which when used to replace ball-joint gimbal systems in angular scanning systems provide unparalleled angular positioning accuracies are examples of DTI products on which exciting new equipment, systems and solutions can now be built, featuring vision-based functionality whenever conditions demand it. Inquiries are welcome from creative and innovative individuals and organizations interested in establishing strategic alliances to pursue cutting edge opportunities made possible by these advances in positioning related technologies.

For more information, visit, email or call (617) 492-1252.

About The Value Engineering Alliance
Established in July of 1987, THE VALUE ENGINEERING ALLIANCE specializes in the conceptualization, development, marketing, selling, and implementation of machine vision solutions that lower the overall costs of laboratory and industrial manufacturing operations (analysis, assembly, inspection, test, control, identification, etc.) while achieving equivalent or enhanced levels of system/process performance and reliability.

Renowned as the supplier of application-specific vision software libraries used by several of the vision industry's premier players to enhance their existing offerings or expand into new application arenas, The VEA has been equally successful as a supplier of vision software and systems used in numerous industries by OEMs, system developers/integrators and automation engineers inside end user organizations. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), the VEA operates worldwide via its extensive network of allied organizations and individuals. For additional information about the VEA's activities and areas of expertise, visit

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