Alliance Announces Availability of Non-Latex Tourniquets

These Non-Latex® Tourniquets are created with safety in mind, and provide the ultimate protection for latex sensitive patients and hospital staff.

Alliance Rubber Company announced immediate availability of Non-Latex™ Tourniquets, providing healthcare, laboratory, and medical facilities shorter lead times and fresher stock from a domestic source. This product is being offered in addition to their line of Healthcare and Medical Facility items made with nonlatex and antimicrobial properties.

These Non-Latex® Tourniquets are manufactured from a reliable and highly durable material specifically chosen to provide physical properties that closely resemble those of latex while eliminating concerns of latex sensitivity. This Non-Latex® compound also provides a nonslip, powder-free surface while still performing like natural latex. They meet strict biocompatibility standards in the medical industry and are available in a range of colors, sizes, and packaging options.

Notch-cut for quick and efficient dispensing, these tear-resistant and slip-resistant tourniquets can be easily tied and untied. The convenient reeled packaging allows for oneat-a-time dispensing of tourniquets and makes them ideal for hospitals and clinics looking to reduce cross-contamination between patients.

Product Availability

Non-Latex® Tourniquets are the ideal product for those looking to provide the ultimate protection for latex sensitive patients and hospital staff. Having a domestic supplier for these products will also ensure that tourniquets are always available, and not being reused. Which will help to prevent further spread of harmful microorganisms.

Founded in 1923, Alliance Rubber Company provides over 2,200 different SKU’s of products to 65 countries. On March 7, 2021 Alliance will celebrate their 98th year in business. Also, in their third generation of family ownership, Alliance prides itself on being an American Made manufacturer offering faster service, fresher stock, and consistent top quality

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