All Steel Metric Rod End Bearings from Aurora Bearing Co.

Aurora Bearing Company's CM-M and CW-M series metric male and female rod end bearings feature a 1 piece steel race way, machined integral to the steel body, cold formed around a chrome plated, alloy steel ball for strength, precision and structural integrity. Their superior design and materials specifically address a common failing in economy grade metric rod ends bearings built to DIN ISO 12240-1 (formerly DIN 648) schedule K. While satisfactory performers in low demand applications, many DIN ISO 12240-1 products incorporate inner races or inner rings made of brass, bronze or copper. In high load and/or high vibration applications they can quickly develop excess clearance do to the deformation of the relatively soft race material.

Aurora introduced their all steel 2 piece design to the American inch dimension market over 35 years ago, and today it is the standard of the US industrial market. It gave users the advantages of all steel durability at an economic price. Today, users and manufacturers of equipment made with metric dimension rod ends can derive these same benefits. Aurora CM-M and CW-M series bearings are available from stock in sizes from 6mm to 20mm., and follow the dimensions of DIN 648 schedule K.

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