All Safety Products Inc to Distribute Full Range of Arc Flash Safety Apparel Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

All Safety Products will distribute complete range of arc flash safety apparel personal protection equipment for improved employee safety during arc welding. OSHA Health & Safety guidelines for employee safety including ANSI Z87.1, NFPA 70E, ASTM 1506-2002a, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269 are very extensive regarding the personal protection equipment (PPE) that is required during arc welding.

When buying and selecting the right arc flash apparel consider the protective clothing system classifications listed in the hazard category table below:

Hazard/Risk    Personal protection     Required Minimum Arc

Category        description             Rating of PPE (cal/cm2)

    1        Flame resistant Shirts & pants                      4

              or flame resistant coveralls

    2        Cotton underwear plus flame resistant           8

             shirt & flame resistant pants

    3        Cotton underwear plus flame resistant          25

             shirt & flame resistant pants

             plus flame resistant coveralls

    4        Cotton underwear plus flame resistant shirt    40

             & flame resistant pants plus multi

             layer flash suit

Make sure the arc welding clothing satisfies the minimum arc ratings. A full range of arc flash protective clothing and arc rating details can be seen at

There is volume pricing and government discounts on many types of welding protection apparel including sleeves, insulating gloves, dielectric footwear and balaclava hoods, long sleeve shirts, hooded sweatshirts, coveralls, face shields.

This full arc welding safety suit features a complete set of safety apparel

o Arc Guard hood & anti fog face shield

o Flame Resistant (FR) Knit wrist

o Arc Guard coat with flame resistant (FR) velcro

o Arc Guard bib overall

o Flame Resistant (FR) calf closures

More information on OSHA guidelines and arc welding safety can be found at and NFPA guidelines at and

To order online or RFQ any of the arc flash protective apparel that are OSHA, NFPA compliant, please see detailed specifications, pricing and ordering information, All arc flash protective clothing carry the manufacturer's warranty for any manufacturer defects in the workmanship of the products.

About All Safety Products Inc.

All Safety Products Inc distributes a full range of safety products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Industry & Government. Many of the Safety products are OSHA and FDA compliant or NSF certified (when appropriate) and include: Arc flash protective clothing, footwear, gloves, hand protection, monitors, respiratory protection, eye wash stations, hand wash stations, hand sanitation products, personal ventilation equipment, eye protection, portable sinks, plant maintenance equipment, personal fall arrest systems, first aid, face & head protection, hearing protection, safety videos and training materials.

Qualified clients and customers can take advantage of GSA contract pricing and view GSA selected portable sinks at There is a complete portable sink product line available at

For more information contact All Safety Products Inc Tel (877) 208-3109 Fax 562-630-3800, visit or email, contact Craig Gunderson.

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