All-In-One Probe measures 3 parameters simultaneously.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing 300, 400, or 600 mm long probe, VPFlowScope simultaneously measures mass flow from 80-150 mn/s, temperature up to 60°C, and pressure from 0-16 bar. Blue LCD display provides real-time information on all 3 parameters, while built-in datalogger enables user to store data. Mounted in pipe via 0.5 in. compression fitting, instrument provides 4-20 mA and RS485 outputs with accuracy of 2% of reading.

Original Press Release:

VPInstruments Now Offers The VPFlowScope

'If you can not measure it, you can not improve it' (Lord Kelvin, 1883)

VPInstruments now offers the VPFlowScope! This revolutionary product, measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously. The bright blue LCD display provides realtime information on all three parameters. An other important property of the VPFlowScope is it's built-in datalogger. This function enables you to store your data for a certain period of time. The software, allows for following your measurements realtime, processing data and printing reports.

VPFlowScope: Smart, Simple & Complete:
o All-in-one device. Measuring the most important parameters at once, making extra sensors and cables redundant.
o Ease-of-use. Information on the parameters is at your disposal every minute of the day. Registers data, by merely pushing record button. And transfers data to your PC, within seconds.
o Modular concept. Thereby enhancing users flexibility.
o Easy-to-install. Just mount the VPFlowScope in the pipe and you can start measuring immediately. No difficult programs to be followed.
o Cost saver. By implementing the VPFlowScope in your system, you will get insight in your energy consumption. Energy savings from system improvements can range from 20-50% of electricity consumption. Furthermore, costly leaks can be identified.

VPFlowScope highlights:
- flow range: 80 and 150 mn/s
- pressure: 0... 16 bar
- temperature: up to 60 °C
- probe length: 300, 400 and 600 mm
- standard outputs: 4..20 mA, RS485 (Modbus)
- mounted via 0.5 inch compression fitting (included)
- accuracy: up to 2% of reading

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