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All-In-One Industrial PC features integrated UPS.

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Apr 17, 2014 - Designed for logistics vehicles, Model C12 features integrated UPS that bridges up to 30 seconds of voltage failure, offering protection against data loss and interruptions to operations. Wide input voltage of 10–30 V enables terminal to be directly connected to 12 V/24 V onboard power supplies. Equipped with integrated ignition key function, UPS enables operators to automatically start up onboard PC when they switch on ignition, and shut it down automatically by turning off ignition.

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noax All-In-One Industrial PC

Press release date: Apr 16, 2014

Worldwide premiere: small difference – big effect!

noax's new, integrated UPS makes mobile logistics applications more fail-safe, thus protecting against data loss and interruptions to operations.

The new, integrated UPS by noax: complete protection against data loss in logistics

With its new C12 compact industrial PC, noax Technologies AG is showcasing an industrial PC designed specifically to be used for logistics applications. What makes it so special: the new noax IPC now features an integrated uninterruptible power supply: a worldwide first available in the noax C12. The greatest advantage compared to batteries is that super condensers have long life cycles and are maintenance-free. The UPS bridges up to 30 seconds of voltage failure, thus offering protection against data loss and interruptions to operations. The new noax industrial computer is best suited for use in logistics vehicles, as its integrated UPS ensures that the IPC will be continuously ready for operations, even when the vehicle is starting up or forced shut-downs.

The on-board computer is, in many cases, an indispensable piece of equipment on forklift trucks and mobile applications. However, the start-up process for gas or diesel-engine forklift trucks often triggers a voltage drop. If the computer on the truck is already up and running, this can lead to the unit being abruptly shut down. Often, the result is a loss of essential information. The new noax C12 with integrated UPS solves this problem: the integrated uninterruptible power supply bridges brief power outages for a period of up to 30 seconds. As a result, information is not lost and it continues to be available to employees.

Individually adjustable
The new C12 industrial PC with integrated UPS offers a large number of settings, enabling users to match the unit settings to their own particular situation: the noax IPC will shut itself down, for example, if there is an interruption to the power supply, once all the data has been saved. If the unit is in standby mode, it can even outlast a power outage of up to six minutes, depending on the settings.

More space due to direct connection to 12V and 24V on-board power supplies
Like all noax devices, the new C12 with integrated UPS is not only robust and versatile, but is also conveniently designed for its operators. Due to its wide input voltage range of 10-30V, the noax logistics terminal can be directly connected to 12V/24V on-board power supplies.

That extra ease of handling and security
The new noax UPS is easy to operate thanks to the integrated ignition key function. This function enables operators to automatically start up the on-board terminal when they switch on the ignition, and likewise, to shut it down automatically by turning off the ignition – with a pre-programmable time delay, if desired. Other security functions can be quickly and easily implemented using a digital input. It is thus possible, to automatically deactivate the display or lock the touchscreen when the vehicle is in motion. The 'deep sleep' function additionally prevents the vehicle battery from being completely drained. The entire configuration of the integrated UPS and addition functions can be easily set using the noax configuration tool nSetup.

Durable and environmentally friendly
For the new, integrated UPS, noax uses durable, environmentally friendly, fit-and-forget super condensers for energy storage. Therefore, the UPS does not require batteries made of hazardous substances like lead or cadmium, which present significant disposal issues and need to be replaced after a relatively short life cycles. In addition to the environmental benefits of the new C12 industrial PC, it also requires little space, is easy to install, has a robust, long-lasting design, and above all, is reliable. Wherever efficiency, speed and data security are important, the new C12 compact IPC with integrated UPS offers that crucial plus in reliability.

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