All Foils Offers Personalized Service and Quick Turnaround Times to Help Your Business

Strongsville, Ohio. - When you deal with All Foils Inc., one of the leading foil converters and distributors in the U.S., you never have to worry about delays due to work being shipped and done elsewhere.

Everything you could possibly need is done on the company's property, from their state of the art Research and Development shop, to the personal care from salesmen who take the time to give customers exactly what they need, even if it's a specialty order that may take some more time.

"Our niche is helping people get to who they want to be," said Jim Papp, All Foils' Printed and Coated Sales Manager. "We do everything a customer is looking for, and we do it with excellent service and a knowledgeable staff."

What makes All Foils stand out, especially, is they're one of the few businesses in the industry that can coat light-gauge unsupported foil, and they can accommodate smaller runs for small volume customers, with a smaller staff that can personalize orders exactly to what the customer needs, in as little a volume as is needed.

All Foils is also one of the only companies that can coat twice at the same pass, and it has the ability to achieve a 450-degree web temperature, important for epoxy coatings.

All Foils has made its mark since 1980 in a variety of industries, including the food-service industry, working mostly with ham and turkey businesses.

All Foils has three distinct areas of business; For printed products, they work with the arts and crafts, food service and confectioner wrap industries, as well as working on materials for the cinematography business.

In the adhesives area, All Foils has clients in the automotive and corrugated paper industry, among others, while for coated products All Foils produces heat seals and release coatings, along with printed primers and coating desiccants on aluminum products.

All Foils also offers quick turnaround times on projects, usually between 2-4 weeks, and with their lab they can test in-house material quickly. They can also deconstruct products customers send in and get them returned fast, customizing them to exact specifications.

For more information about All Foils, visit their website at, or call them at 1-800-521-0054.


All Foils, Inc. was established in 1980, making us the most experienced foil converter and distributor in the country. Our facility has grown to more than 140,000 square feet. It is our commitment to satisfy our global customers by providing the highest quality products and unsurpassed customer service.

Understanding customer needs and establishing long-term customer relationships has allowed us to become the leading metal service center for over 30 years.

True to our commitment, All Foils, Inc. provides unrivaled lead times in the industry, superior quality products and exemplary customer service to our clientele worldwide.

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