All-Air Web Guide for High Tension Applications

The Coast Controls RDG-5 is a robust web guide capable of handling higher web tensions common in business forms or other paper converting processes.

(Sarasota, FL.) - The all-air RDG-5 from Coast Controls is a highly affordable web guide ideal for higher tension applications such as business forms or other strong webs run in widths up to 26 inches. Requiring no electrical controls or wiring, this totally self-contained web guide is easy to install and simple to operate. The all-air unit, powered entirely by low-pressure, plant-supplied air (3 to 6 psi), consists of a rugged anodized aluminum frame, guiding rollers, air-actuation cylinder, and a unique, friction-free servo controller backed by a 10-year warranty. Exceptional steering stability is provided by a three-point suspension system incorporating two cam followers with a single pivot point. Self-cleaning pneumatic edge detectors are highly effective with all opaque and transparent webs, including paper, film, foil and nonwoven materials.

Coast Controls


Coast Controls was established in 1992 by William and Douglas Fife, both pioneers of the web guiding industry. Now owned by Thomas E. Marks, also a veteran of the converting industry, Coast Controls manufacturers the world's only all-air automated web guiding systems at its corporate headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. Coast Controls also designs and builds a complete line of intermediate steering and displacement guides and shifting roll stands for unwind/rewind guiding. These air-powered web guide systems are renowned for ease of installation, simplicity of operation, and affordability. Today, Coast Controls web guides are sold and marketed to printers, packagers and converters and related machinery OEMs worldwide.

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