Alignment System checks fabrication equipment.

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Microgage Flatness Checking Kit monitors flat moving surfaces, precision machine slides, X-Y stage travel, and robot positioning accuracy. Laser transmitter is mounted on precision base that can swing laser reference beam through flat plane. Digital receiver is placed on surface to be measured, and hand-held display provides reading of height of surface relative to laser beam to 0.0001 in. It can be used over ranges of 1-85 ft and has precision machinist's level.

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Pinpoint Laser Systems Versatile Alignment System Checks Fabrication Equipment

April, 2004 - Newburyport, Massachusetts: The Microgage Flatness Checking Kit is the newest innovation being introduced by Pinpoint Laser Systems for manufacturing and assembly firms. Manufacturing companies can now quickly and precisely check their own production equipment for improving manufacturing efficiency, reducing downtime, cutting costs, and ultimately, raising profits. This new flatness kit enables manufacturing teams, plant engineers, and maintenance personnel to quickly monitor flat moving surfaces, precision machine slides, X-Y stage travel, robot positioning accuracy, as well as many other practical applications. The attached photograph shows the Microgage checking travel of a precision stage on a production machine for printed circuit boards.

The Microgage Flatness Kit consists of a laser transmitter mounted on a precision base that can swing the laser reference beam through a flat plane. A digital receiver is placed on the surface to be measured and the hand-held display provides a reading of the height of the surface, relative to the laser beam. The display can measure height to within 0.0001 inch and can be connected to a laptop or PC for capturing readings and analyzing results. The Microgage Flatness Kit is easy to operate, highly versatile, and can be used over ranges of 1 - 85 feet. The laser is equipped with a precision machinist's level for certain applications, and the entire system fits into a durable case for easy storing and transport.

The Laser Microgage is manufactured in the United States by Pinpoint Laser Systems. For additional press information on this new product, please contact Pinpoint at 1-800-757-5383, or visit our website at Thank you.

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