ALi Launches the M3821 STB SoC Delivering the Best DVB-T2 1.3.1 Total Solution with Robust Immunity to LTE Interference

Taipei -- ALi Corporation, a leading set-top box (STB) technology provider, today announced the launch of its latest set-top box system-on-a-chip solution, the M3821, which integrates a DVB-T2 demodulator and supports the DVB-T2 standard ver. 1.3.1. In parallel, ALi announced a total system solution that combines the M3821 with the leading-edge MxL608 RF tuner from MaxLinear, Inc., which offers superior protection against 4G/LTE, WiFi and FM signal interference.

DVB-T2 version 1.3.1, including L1 post scrambling and the T2-Lite profile, is the new specification that incorporates a subset of the very efficient existing DVB-T2 standard with some extensions specifically aimed at mobile and portable broadcast services. It offers operators more flexibility in the use of the frequency bands, thereby enabling them to provide more diverse services across multiple devices.

Television signal (UHF) interference caused by 4G/LTE signals operating in adjacent frequency bands can be a problem as countries around the globe switch to all digital transmission. ALi's M3821 T2 reference solution incorporates MaxLinear's "super radio" tuner technology, which provides superior reception performance and excellent immunity to 4G/LTE interference signals. The solution is fully compliant with D-BOOK V7 version 3 requirements and has been verified in both laboratory and real field conditions in many Southeast Asian countries including Thailand and Indonesia.

"DVB-T2 adoption continues to expand, with some new markets directly migrating from analog TV to DVB-T2 1.3.1, which incorporates standards for mobile broadcasting, as the demand for viewing linear TV on smaller screens surges with popularity of portable devices," said Tony Chang, General Manager of ALi's International Business Unit. "ALi has been well positioned in the DTT market with a significant global market share and is now again ahead of the trend by launching the new highly-integrated M3821 solution."

"DVB-T2 is becoming an important option for broadcasters," said Brian Sprague, MaxLinear's Vice President and General Manager for Broadband and Consumer Products. "I believe the addition of MaxLinear to the ALi platform will give STB manufacturers a very high performance solution that is a great fit for the DVB-T2 market."

Mass production shipments of the M3821 have begun in Russia, and are anticipated to start in Asian-Pacific countries including Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand in the second half of 2014, with Africa to follow soon after. The ALi M3821 STB SoC will provide a powerful, optimized solution for these markets.

ALi will showcase the M3821 as well as a series of the latest STB solutions at Broadcast Asia 2014, to take place on June 17-20, 2014 in Singapore, at ALi's booth #4B3-11.

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