Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab: Analytical Testing is Now a Must for The Flourishing Coffee Industry

Currently, coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and its quality is a deciding factor for distinctive flavors. Hence, the testing of coffee should be conducted throughout the supply chain. Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab, as an independent third-party testing organization, has recruited a team of coffee analysts and recently revealed its expertise in coffeetesting.

The complete coffee-testing solutions provided aim to support customers' business needs and also erase their worrisome for both production and consumption with accurate analytical reports being delivered.

"Coffee has already become available in numerous traditional and gourmet varieties, and it keeps expanding its presentation into even more formats, including whole beans, ground, instant, and ready-to-drink beverages. Along with the prosperity of the coffee industry, the necessity to test coffee-related products has become the first choice for marketers to promote their coffee-made commodities," commented a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab.

Great strides have been made in utilizing food science in the coffee industry during the last two decades. Expert panels no longer evaluate only the roasted colors and smell, solely relying on the naked eye. Instead, they have started to incorporate modern instruments and contemporary sensory methods, which greatly enhance the efficiency, accuracy, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness of coffee testing.

In general, the following items and procedures are performed accordingly throughout a typical coffee testing project:

  • Concentrations of Acrylamide Testing
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Coffee Bean Powder Moisture Content Testing
  • Caffeine Content& Concentration Testing
  • Pathogenic Bacteria Analysis
  • Contaminants Testing
  • Stability & Shelf Life Testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing

"Many years of practice in the analytical field allow our lab professionals to opt for the most appropriate testing methods and deliver a valid and credible analytical testing report for our esteemed customers. With standard technical procedures, we work together with our customers to push forward their new product research and development," the Marketing Chief further added.

All tests on coffee are carried out under the guidance of AOAC and ISO standard protocols. Please visit to learn more.


Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab has long been involved with the analytical industry, providing resources and support for both individuals and companies dealing with quality assurance for a wide range of products, including but not limited to healthcare products, households and apparel, materials, personal care & beauty products, petroleum products, nano products, stationery and office supplies, crops, and chemicals. Moreover, the testing portfolio of Alfa Chemistry is constantly expanding to cover even more industries and fields.

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