ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH in Cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology Will Be Exhibiting at Intersolar North America 2010

SAN FRANCISCO - ALD's SCU400plus is one of the most widely-spread and reliable production systems for Directional Solidification of multi-crystalline solar Silicon ingots (DSS) with leading wafer producers as customers all over the world.

ALD has been a pioneer in the development of DSS furnaces. First installations of ALD's DSS furnaces date back as early as 1996. ALD's more than twelve years of consistent technology development and growth has resulted in a worldwide installed base of more than 3 GWp. In 2006, ALD was the first to melt 5th generation Si ingots (>400kg), in its SCU400plus.

In 2010, ALD introduces its next generation DSS-furnace type SCU600plus, for melting of the 6th generation Si ingots (>600kg). thus further advancing the productivity and cost-reduction of multi-crystalline wafer production.

ALD manufactures and assembles their photo-voltaic production systems in Berlin and operates two applications labs in Hanau and Freiberg, which are dedicated to equipment optimization as well as process development of both polysilicon and UMG Si feedstock with international project partners.

Dave Esser, President of ALD Vacuum Technologies Inc. of East Windsor, CT, will be representing ALD's solar silicon melting and crystallization equipment and technology at Intersolar North America 2010 in San Francisco's Moscone Center West Hall from July 13 - 15, booth number 7423

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. ("AMG", EURONEXT AMSTERDAM: "AMG"). ALD is located in Hanau (Germany) designs, engineers and produces advanced vacuum furnace systems and operates vacuum heat treatment facilities. ALD is a global leader in supplying technologically-advanced vacuum furnace systems to customers in the aerospace, energy (including solar and nuclear), transportation, electronics, superalloys and specialty steel industries. Examples of furnace systems produced by ALD include vacuum remelting, solar silicon melting and crystallization, vacuum induction melting, vacuum heat treatment and high pressure gas quenching, vacuum precision casting, turbine blade coating and sintering. ALD also provides vacuum case-hardening heat treatment services on a tolling basis to customers through facilities equipped with vacuum heat treatment furnaces.

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