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When run as Windows(TM) service, U.C.ME-OPC(TM) v5.22 starts automatically after computer reboot without requiring login. Users can login and logoff computer during operation without interrupting server and setup recovery actions if service fails. Along with ability to import alarms already defined in SCADA/HMI software, features include MS SQL-Server support for scalability, MS-Access support, and capability to transfer plant floor data to IT systems.

Original Press Release:

U.C.ME-OPC Alarm Notification Software - Easy Alarm Import from Your SCADA Application

U.C.ME-OPC(TM) version 5.22 has been released! Please see below the main new features.

At your service! Running U.C.ME-OPC(TM) as a Windows(TM) service.

Running U.C.ME-OPC(TM) as a Windows service has several advantages:
First, U.C.ME-OPC(TM) will be started automatically after a computer reboot. There is no need to login to start it. Second, users can login and logoff the computer without interrupting the server. Third, you can setup recovery actions if the service fails, such as restarting the service automatically or restarting the computer (for computers running Windows 2000 & XP only).

Now, easier than ever! Import alarms from to CiTect(TM), InTouch(TM), RS-View(TM) and Cimplicity(TM) to U.C.ME-OPC(TM)

Alarm definition may be a long process. U.C.ME-OPC(TM) version 5.22 introduces new import mechanism that enables you to import your alarms that are already defined in your SCADA/HMI software.

This functionality dramatically reduces the time required to define the alarms in U.C.ME-OPC(TM)! In one or two mouse clicks you are done! This functionality also reduces the chance for mistakes during the alarm definition. No need for copy and paste!

U.C.ME and MS-SQL server - the perfect match! Alarm analysis & diagnostics faster and easier!

Alarm analysis and diagnostics is a key factor in understanding alarm cause, improving SLA and preventing alarms.

U.C.ME-OPC(TM) version 5.22 introduces the support for Microsoft's SQL-Server. The use of SQL-Server enables better performance and scalability.

Customers with large applications may prefer to use MS-SQL rather than MS-Access which is also supported by U.C.ME-OPC(TM).

Plant floor data transfer to the company's IT systems

Using U.C.ME-OPC(TM) customers may close the missing link and transfer plan floor data (production data) to the company's IT systems, thus, enabling managers to see the whole picture. For example: production work orders against production quantities.

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