Alarm Management Service works with process control systems.

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Alarm Management Service is designed to minimize nuisance alarms and help process control system operators respond more effectively to abnormal situations. Service utilizes 3-phase approach, which includes alarm system performance study and report; alarm system performance improvement plan; and life cycle alarm maintenance, which includes field service technicians to maintain alarm system performance over time.

Original Press Release:

Invensys Announces Alarm Management Services for Foxboro and Other Popular Process Control Systems

Services designed to dramatically minimize nuisance alarms and help process control system operators to respond more effectively to abnormal situations

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA (ISA 2004 Conference and EXPO) - October 5, 2004 - Invensys Process Systems today introduced comprehensive Alarm Management Services for the I/A Series automation system from Foxboro. Invensys can also provide these same high-quality services for many other vendors' distributed control systems (DCS). This new service offering represents an important component within Invensys' expanding suite of LifeTime Performance Improvement Services, which now also includes Loop Management and Network Security services. These services work together to help customers maximize the performance of their installed distributed control systems and other automation assets.

Utilizing best-in-class alarm diagnostic software, Invensys' process control specialists provide expert alarm rationalization, re-engineering, and ongoing support services to help today's typically understaffed process plants achieve and maintain a high level of safety and regulatory compliance, without compromising either production or product quality.

Unlike most system vendor-provided services of this kind, Invensys' new Alarm Management Services are not limited to a single vendor's system offering. This enables companies to establish, implement, and maintain consistent alarm management philosophies and policies across a multi-vendor process manufacturing plant, complex, or global manufacturing base.

"Ideally, a DCS alarm system will provide process control system operators with the correct alarms in the correct sequence to be able to respond effectively to problems before they have a negative impact on the process or the plant," said David Gaertner, director of alarm management services at Invensys Process Systems. "In this respect, the alarm system should represent a critical line of defense against potentially costly and/or destructive abnormal situations, providing clear notification and guidance as to the root cause of a problem and minimizing unnecessary nuisance alarms. Invensys can help users design, implement, and maintain alarm systems that do what they are supposed to do, regardless of the specific DCS platform. We're confident that, in most plants, this service will pay for itself many times over through increased operator productivity, minimized process upsets, and avoided unit shutdowns."

Utilizing a three-phased approach, Invensys application engineers work closely with plant operators and engineers to identify, implement, and maintain alarm system improvements:

Phase 1 - Alarm System Performance Study and Report
- generate a baseline report of alarm system performance
- establish performance targets based on EEMUA (Engineering Equipment and Materials User Association) best practices
- recommend alarm system improvement methodology

Phase 2 - Alarm System Performance Improvement
- develop alarm system philosophy
- perform alarm rationalization and implement alarm system changes
- develop HMI philosophy per human factors engineering and design specification and implement HMI modifications
- issue final report documenting actual alarm system performance improvements

Phase 3 - Life cycle alarm maintenance
- Invensys field service technicians maintain alarm system performance over time

For more information about Alarm Management, or any other Invensys LifeTime Performance Improvement Services, readers should contact the Invensys Customer Satisfaction Center toll-free at 866-746-6477 (508-549-2424 outside of the US and Canada) or via e-mail at

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