AirSpeed Fit Protective Packaging System eliminates storage space.

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Producing air pillows and wrappable void-fill to protect packaged product, Pregis AirSpeed Fit caters to requirements of omni-channel retailers. Measuring 11 x 13 x 9 in. and weighing 15 pounds, product can produce 8 x 4 in. and 8 x 8 in. air pillows and quilted wrappable void fill for cushioning packaged product.

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Pregis’ New AirSpeed Fit Inflatable Protective Packaging System Targets ‘Ship-from-Store’ Locations with Compact Solution

Pregis is launching a new inflatable protective packaging system engineered for compact packing stations.

The patent-pending Pregis AirSpeed® Fit™, which produces both air pillows and wrappable void-fill, was designed to address the fulfillment needs of the omni-channel retailer.

“At the core of the omni-channel strategy is locating fulfillment as close to the customer as possible in order to speed delivery and minimize shipping charges. This means that sometimes the order is packaged at a retail location where space is at a premium. Frequently, all that is available is a very small room at the back of the retail space,” explains Ryan Germann, ecommerce segment manager, Pregis.

The 11- x 13- x 9-inch AirSpeed® Fit™ weighs 15 pounds, making it ideal for even the smallest “ship-from-store” spaces. It can produce 8- x 4-inch or 8- x 8-inch air pillows, as well as a quilted wrappable void fill which cradles the product, forming a protective cushion. Its simple, out-of-the-box operation means that no training is required.

AirSpeed® Fit™ is an ideal replacement for traditional void fill, as well as ½-inch, premade bubble. Because it makes cushioning material on-demand, storage space required by premade materials is eliminated. (For example, one roll of AirSpeed® Fit material can replace up to four rolls of premade bubble.)

The professional-looking air pillows and wrappable void-fill, parallel the quality produced at the retailer’s distribution center, ensuring a seamless customer experience regardless of where within the network the package is being shipped.

“The retail store employee has a number of responsibilities including providing customer service and stocking shelves in-between fulfilling orders. The AirSpeed Fit has been designed to enable everyone, regardless of their packing experience, to easily operate the machine and effectively package orders,” Germann concludes.

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