AirQuality Software includes air exchange rate calculator.

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QuestSuite® Professional Version v1.6 is designed for collection, analysis, and reporting of exposures to workplace and environmental hazards such as noise, vibration, heat stress, indoor air quality, and toxic/combustible gases. Incorporated calculator lets users determine indoor air quality and adequate air exchange rates to meet ASTM International Standard E741-00. Software enables users to optimize ventilation rates and comes with choice of indoor air quality monitors.

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Quest Software Enhanced for Indoor Air Quality Applications: Air Exchange Rate Calculator Added

QuestSuite® Professional meets growing information needs created by new ASTM International Standard

Oconomowoc, WI, April 21, 2004: Quest Technologies Inc, an employee-owned world leader in the development and manufacture of monitoring instrumentation and software for occupational and environmental health & safety (OEHS) applications, today announced that it has launched QuestSuite Professional Version 1.6, a comprehensive software application for the collection, analysis and reporting of exposures to workplace and environmental hazards including noise, vibration, heat stress, indoor air quality and toxic/combustible gases.

Quest Technologies has added the ability for users concerned with indoor air quality and the attainment of adequate air exchange rates to determine actual air exchange rates in accordance with ASTM International Standard E741-00 "Standard Test Method for Determining Air Change in a Single Zone by Means of Tracer Gas Dilution". E741-00 has also been adopted by ANSI. Actual air exchange rates rarely match the specifications of the HVAC system itself and the differences can be significant. Actual air exchange rate is a function of more than just the HVAC system. Ventilation exhaust, air recycling, infiltration and exfiltration are all contributors to actual air exchange rate. Depending on HVAC system specifications alone for managing energy costs and indoor air quality can be misleading and ineffective. The need exists for an air exchange rate measurement system that incorporates all of the contributors when determining air exchange rate. This is precisely what the latest solution from Quest Technologies permits.

"Typical IAO monitoring systems stop at reporting data. Our systems provide users with answers to real questions. Using our system, companies can actually optimize their ventilation rates," said Dan Webster, CEO & President of Quest Technologies. "What we mean by that is we are giving companies a methodical way to balance the costs of energy with the productivity levels of workers in the environment. Independent studies show worker productivity can be affected by as much as 50% by indoor air quality. Some studies show a 5% increase in energy costs is offset by a 0.05% increase in productivity. We haven't even begun to talk about savings available from reducing health care costs that are occurring as a result of poor indoor air quality."

The Quest solution includes a choice of indoor air quality monitoring instruments as well. The AQ5000Pro is a handheld survey monitor while the AQ500I Pro serves as handheld that instantly converts to a secure monitor for continuous, unattended monitoring.

Existing users of QuestSuite Professional are entitled to this enhancement free of charge by contacting Quest or their authorized International Quest distributor. The QuestSuite and the AQ5000/5001 Pro IAQ monitoring system will be on display at numerous trade shows this year. Consult the web site and click on "Events" for the latest listing. For more information, call 1-800-245-0779, 262-567-9157 or email

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