AIRmove New Packaging System can be controlled using foot pedal.

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Delivering 33 linear ft per minute machine speed, AIRmove² Packaging System is used in workplaces that require 200 to 500 packages in a day. AIRmove² can be used as tabletop or wall-mounted. Operated through text display for configuring film type and filling volume, unit is controlled using foot pedal or by push button. Cushion films are available in VOID (8 x 4.72 in.), BUBBLE (16 x 6.29 in.) and CUSHION (16 x 9.84 in.) dimensions.

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Storopack North America launches new packaging system - AIRmove²

Air Cushions in a Few Easy Steps

Storopack, the protective packaging specialist, is launching a new inflatable packaging system called AIRmove². The AIRmove² system produces air cushion packaging materials providing the product with optimal protection in shipping cartons. AIRmove² is lightweight, compact, and produces packaging material on-demand. This allows customers to save on storage space from traditional protective packaging material. With machine speeds of 33 linear feet per minute, the packaging material is made quickly with little noise. AIRmove² is the ideal inflatable packaging solution in workplaces (i.e. in-store fulfilment) with packaging requirements ranging from 200 to 500 packages a day.

Efficient and cost-effective

The diverse range of air cushions are ideally suited for wrapping, cushioning, securing and filling empty spaces in shipping cartons. "AIRmove² provides our customers who have medium-level packaging requirements with an optimal and cost-effective protective packaging solution. The packaging material can be produced in a few simple steps and used for a wide range of applications," remarked Michael Spicker, AIR product manager at Storopack.

AIRmove² can be easily integrated into existing packaging processes and used either as a tabletop unit or wall-mounted. AIRmove² can begin producing air cushions immediately thanks to its quick start function. It is operated via a clear text display which allows the film type and filling volume of the air cushions to be easily configured. Alternatively, the AIRmove² film can be controlled by foot pedal or push button if needed. Storopack supplies three film types all available in different sizes: VOID (8" x 4.72") for large air cushions, BUBBLE (16" x 6.29") for wrapping fragile items, CUSHION (16" x 9.84") for padding with smaller air cushions. All film rolls are 1150 feet long and easy to change.


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