AirLoc Reduces Harmful Vibration on Okuma Lathe!

Recently AirLoc was invited to the Okuma facility in Charlotte, NC to perform tests, evaluating AirLoc Elastomeric Pad materials' ability to reduce internal machine

An Okuma Captain L370 CNC lathe was selected for the test, performing a heavy cut on a 4" dia. steel bar. After obtaining machine and floor baseline readings, the accelerometer was placed on the machine frame, next to the cutting tool. Vibration readings were taken with the machine rigidly supported on its mounting feet and then supported on AirLoc 715 and 915 pads, while performing a heavy material cut.

The results were impressive! Not only did the highly damped 715 pads reduce the peak energy levels by 50%, but the lathe maintained level within the required .02mm/m, and it has continued to do so as reported by Rod Tojdowski, Okuma Manager - Post Sales & Technology Resources. The 915 pads reduced vibration almost as well as the 715 pads, but would be better suited for heavier loadings. Both the AirLoc 715 and 915 pads are low profile, adding only ½ inch to the machine height.

It's well known in the chip making industry that higher level inputs of machine vibration can reduce cutting tool life. Now there's a low cost solution to reducing this costly problem!

For more information on AirLoc testing or isolation pads, please contact AirLoc, Franklin, MA at the address provided above.

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