AirLoc Modifies 11-VRC Wedgmount® to Support Minster 800 Ton Press

AirLoc standard Wedgmounts® are used frequently under all types of metal forming presses with easy installation, isolation, and leveling features. Recently in Canada, a Minster 800 ton press was being relocated into a pit with specific height and attachment requirements. AirLoc added stiff spacer pads and attachment bolts located to align with the press feet and required height. A drawing of the installation and picture of one of the actual mounts is shown below. The installation of the press was completed quickly and precisely with these modified Wedgmounts.

AirLoc manufactures a complete line of standard Wedgmounts with a wide range of sizes, loads, and pads for all types of equipment and installations, including freestanding, bolt-on, and bolt-through supports. Contact AirLoc engineering for assistance with mounting recommendations and special height or attachment requirements.

For more information regarding AirLoc Pads, or Leveling Mounts, contact our headquarters in Franklin, MA or your regional AirLoc Representative

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