AirLoc Isolation Pads Help Tivoly Inc. see their Product Quality Measure Up!

AirLoc Isolation Pads help Tivoly Inc. see their Product Quality Measure Up!

Tivoly Inc. is a 130 year old company located in Vermont, manufacturing specialty high speed taps, and reamers. A Nikon Epiphot Microscope, used by Tivoly for inspection, was not performing up to specifications due to vibration feeding into the base from equipment operating nearby. AirLoc B1 BiLoc® cut pads were recommended to reduce the vibration. Pads were used in several locations under the microscope as shown below. Upon evaluation of the pads under the microscope, Patrick Hewlett, Tivoly Material and Process Engineering Manager, reported "The pads have eliminated any visible microscope vibration due to manufacturing and maintenance activity in the area".

AirLoc manufactures a wide range of elastomeric and vinyl pads for isolation, damping, and leveling of all types of equipment. Let AirLoc help provide vibration control for your equipment or machinery to improve your companies product quality and bottom line.

AirLoc B1 BiLoc Pads Placed Under Nikon Microscope Base and Between Support Table and Inertia Mass in Four Corners

Nikon Epiphot Microscope on AirLoc Pads

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