AirLoc Introduces CLARMAC PAD PAKS Series for Machine Leveling & Isolation

AirLoc, with established expertise in engineered leveling and vibration control systems
since 1954, is proud to introduce the quick, effective, and economical way to level and
isolate freestanding machines and equipment for all types of requirements. CLARMAC Pad
Paks are now available to purchase direct online at in weight
ranges up to 28,000 pounds per machine with three pad types to provide shock/vibration
isolation, high damping and leveling.

These high quality pads are conveniently packaged in Pad Paks with rated load ranges for
one machine on four points of support. The three pad types are specifically designed for
machine applications as follows:

CA Type Pads - Shock/Vibration Isolation & Leveling Pads (cork, fiber, and vinyl)
CB Type Pads - Low-frequency Vibration Isolation Pads (40 duro neoprene elastomer)
CD Type Pads - High-damping Vibration Isolation & Leveling Pads (70 duro nitrile

Shown below are Pad Pak series and an illustration of the typical pad installation with shim.

For more information regarding CLARMAC PAD PAKS visit or contact our headquarters in Franklin, MA

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