AirLoc Damping Pads Help Quiet a Noisy Grinder at Clark-Cutler-McDermott

Clark-Cutler-McDermott Company, the parent company of AirLoc, is a world-class provider
of acoustic insulation and interior trim products to the automotive industry. With an
emphasis on recycling, there are a number of grinders located throughout the facility for
granulating trim materials. One particular grinder, a Herbold Type SML 45/70-SP
Granulator, was generating high levels of noise in an open molding area where production
personnel were working close by. The machine (shown below) has a large steel chute and
hopper area leading into the grinder rotor and stator with counter rotating knives. When
large scrap pieces hit the knives in the grinder base there were vibrations generated which
resulted in high level structural and airborne noise to the surrounding area.

AirLoc took a two fold approach in reducing the vibration and noise being generated by this
machine. First, AirLoc Jacmounts with damping pads were installed under the mounting
feet of the grinder. The damping effect from the pads helped reduce the reflected vibration
which occurred when the machine was placed solidly on the floor. In addition, AirLoc 715
damping sheets were glued to the hopper area to add structural damping and reduce the
ringing of the untreated steel. The resultant noise reduction was significant, with production
personnel in the area reporting greatly reduced noise.

For more information regarding AirLoc Damping Pads or Precision Leveling
Devices, contact our headquarters in Franklin, MA or your regional AirLoc

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