AirLoc Biloc Isolation Pads Reduce Damaging Vibration in Sensitive Power Plant Electrical Equipment

AirLoc was asked to provide a vibration isolation system for VFD (variable frequency
drives) and electrical cabinets in two 50 foot long enclosures at an existing power
plant in Kentucky. The facilities large induction fans were causing low frequency
vibration which was affecting the sensitive housed equipment. The enclosures were
supported on structural steel supports with flanges tied to the ground using anchor
bolts and steel clips, allowing the fan vibration a path to enter the housed units.

AirLoc provided 4" x 20" x ¾" B1 BiLoc pad strips with 903 shim pad
bonded top and bottom placed end to end under the entire perimeter of the steel
supports. 915 pads with iso-washers were provided for the anchor clip plates,
insuring that the enclosure was completely isolated from the ground where the
vibration entered. B1 pad was selected to insure low frequency isolation of the
induction fan blade frequencies. The isolation pad system was designed, fabricated
and shipped within a matter of several days, as required by the customer. After
installation of the AirLoc isolation system was complete, the customer reported,
"...the vibration has diminished a great appears the pads are working well."

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