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AirLoc Isolation / Damping Pads help to control the forces transmitted by a Means
Industries Vibratory Feeder!

Means Industries is a developer and producer of quality engineered mechanical
components and assemblies for the automotive and industrial power transmission
markets. Components being moved by a vibratory line feeder had a problem keeping
up with production and therefore the feed speed was increased causing higher vibration
levels. The vibration force was transmitted through the feet of the feeder stand to the
floor disturbing another nearby parts feeder track.

In order to reduce transmitted vibration at the source, AirLoc GLV 50 / B1 Jacmounts
were used under the legs of the feeder bowl and AirLoc 717 high damping pad was
employed under closely aligned components as shown below. The B1 BiLoc low
frequency vibration isolation pads have a special molded-in profile to provide optimum
isolation performance. Tim Samyn, Manufacturing Engineer for Means, reports "The B1
material eliminated the transfer of vibration and the 717 allowed the rest of the system to stay aligned for delivery of the parts..."

Let AirLoc help solve your most critical vibration / damping / alignment problems with
our wide variety of pads and leveling mounts.

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