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AirLoc high damp nitrile pads take the bounce out of pneumatic drop hammer

AirLoc was contacted by John Saccoccio, production manager for Diversified
Products of Providence, RI regarding the isolation of their pneumatic drop hammer
presses. Diversified is a manufacturer of custom emblematic jewelry and quality
metal products such as belt buckles and key tags. The presses are large stroke
machines with 900 and 1200 pound hammers that impart a significant shock pulse
into the foundation during the stamping process. A competitors low frequency
pneumatic/elastomeric mounts had been installed under the machine feet and were
effective in reducing the shock, but the resultant rebound and failure (air leaks) rate of
these more expensive "air" mounts was cause for concern, according to John.

AirLoc engineering sized out a shock pad isolation system consisting of a bonded
sandwich of two stiffness pads utilizing the superior damping properties of AirLoc 700
series nitrile elastomer. The combination of variable stiffness layers incorporates the
stability of a solid top and bottom layer with the high deflection/damping of the
profiled center segment. The results were dramatic, with greatly reduced rebound
and shock levels as good or better than the low stiffness air mounts. All of Diversified
Product's drop hammer presses will be mounted on the cost effective, long lasting
AirLoc high damp shock isolation pad system.

For more information regarding AirLoc Pads or leveling products, contact our
headquarters in Franklin, MA or your regional AirLoc Representative

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