AirLoc 700 Series Damping Pads Used Successfully in Large Municipal Water District Engine/Pump System

AirLoc engineering was contacted to make a recommendation for vibration isolation on a large municipal water district engine/pump system in Sothern California. The 9,000 lb. system was supported on a 3/4 inch steel plate using 6 mounting feet. After initially testing a "soft" pad configuration with too much defection, 715 damping pads and iso-washers were evaluated with a bolt-through configuration as shown in the layout below. Jeff Davis, Industrial Engines Supervisor, made the following comments regarding test results: "The pads made a great improvement. Using a vibration pen we took before and after readings and calculated approximately 85% reduction in vibration. This was definitely a successful project! Thanks for all of your help, and when I have another vibration issue, I now know where to turn!"

AirLoc manufactures a wide range of elastomeric and vinyl pads for isolation, damping, and leveling of all types of equipment. Let AirLoc help provide vibration control for your equipment or machinery to improve your company's product quality and bottom line.

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