AirLink Lighting Control System allows remote accessibility.

Press Release Summary:

AirLink Wireless Outdoor Lighting Control System performs functions such as occupancy/vacancy sensing, daylight harvesting, scheduling, dimming, BMs integration and energy monitoring. This system uses 2.4 GHz self-healing mesh network and is suitable for commercial, industrial and municipal applications. The unit can be operated through any device with internet connection via Airlink web application.

Original Press Release:

LSI Releases New Wireless Outdoor Lighting Control System

LSI Industries is proud to introduce the AirLink wireless outdoor control system enabled by Synapse to complement the existing AirLink indoor system. This new product line is the perfect solution for commercial, industrial and municipal applications, such as: auto dealerships, parking lots, garages, shopping complexes, and warehouses where robust wireless communication is required.

AirLink utilizes a 2.4 GHz Self-Healing Mesh Network. The flexibility and scalability of the system make it perfect for both new construction and retrofit projects. The user-friendly AirLink web application is accessible through any device with an internet connection and allows for complete customization of the system and its features. Some capabilities of the system include:

  • Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Scheduling
  • High-end Trim
  • Dimming
  • Zone Control
  • BMS Integration
  • Energy Monitoring

"By launching this system along with our existing AirLink indoor system (enabled by Lutron), LSI can provide complete control of virtually any site inside and out. The AirLink product line demonstrates our active mission to provide simple-to-specify, simple-to-install, simple-to-use solutions that reduce installation costs and eliminates headaches of traditional lighting control systems." - Mark Reed, LSI Controls Manager.

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